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Ray ban has been leading the trend trend of new material and new style, classical style of the public, it is amazing, and lasting innovation idea, continuously extension section. Adhere to the concept, the brand launched in the summer of 2015, a new technology to create the lens and frame shows the changing flow bright color effect. In the summer of 2015 series, also known as "Iridiscence".

Luxuriant luxuriant plate frame and lenses, like water color rainbow reflection, destined to become one of the biggest focus in 2015.

This is not an illusion phenomenon, but from the "flip" coating technology: micro crystal lens made of silicon surface coated with high refractive index of metal oxide, with the change of light intensity and Angle, shows the color of the nuances of the tens of thousands of. These colors will be merged into each other at the same time, a "floating" visual effect, so wonderful, incredible.

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