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O’Hare Airport to Culver:
There are 0.04 miles between I-190 W and the start of the directions.
Use local roads to get to the start of the directions.
1: Start out going North on RENTAL CAR ACC by turning right. 0.5 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto BESSIE COLEMAN DR. 0.5 miles
3: Take the I-190 EAST ramp towards CHICAGO. 0.2 miles
4: Merge onto I-190 E. 0.7 miles
5: Take the I-294 SOUTH exit, exit number 1D, towards INDIANA. 0.4 miles
6: Merge onto I-294 S (Portions toll). 35.2 miles
7: Take I-294 S/I-80 E (Portions toll). 5.5 miles
8: I-294 S/I-80 E becomes I-80 E. 17.6 miles
9: Take the I-80 EAST/I-90/TOLL ROAD exit, exit number 16. 0.9 miles
10: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.1 miles
11: Merge onto I-80 E (Portions toll). 9.6 miles
12: Take the IN-49 exit, exit number 31, towards CHESTERTON/VALPARAISO. 0.7 miles
13: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.0 miles
14: Merge onto IN-49 S. 9.0 miles
15: Take the US-30 EAST ramp towards PLYMOUTH. 0.2 miles
16: Merge onto US-30 E. 21.6 miles
17: Take the US-35 ramp towards LAPORTE/KNOX. 0.2 miles
18: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.1 miles
19: Merge onto US-35 S. 7.0 miles
20: Turn LEFT onto IN-8. 10.7 miles
21: Turn RIGHT onto IN-17. 5.4 miles

22: Road name changes to (N) Lake Shore Dr 0.8 Miles
23: Turn LEFT (South) onto N Main St 0.1 Miles and look for Cafe Max.

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